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KRAKOW, Poland – Starting today, visitors to the National Museum in Krakow will be able to use their NFC-enabled Nokia smartphones to access an extra wealth of knowledge, by just touching their phone against an exhibit tag. This brings the 20th-Century Polish Art Gallery, right into the 21st-century.

When it comes to looking around museums, it’s a fairly slow experience. You’re there to soak in the atmosphere, taking time to read the plaques that sit beneath each exhibit.

Unless you’re passionate about history or art, after a while it all becomes a bit, samey. And museums know this. They’re often trying to come up with new ways of getting people to interact or engage with their exhibits.

NFC tag

When you visit the 20th-Century Polish Art Gallery in Poland today, you’ll be offered the chance to borrow a Nokia C7 – an NFC-enabled Nokia smartphone. Or you could use your own, if you have one, too.

Once you place your phone against works of art, such as “A girl with the chrysanthemums” by Olga Boznańska, or “Self-Portrait in a white dress” by Jacek Malczewski, you’ll receive extra information about those pieces. Photos, videos and artist details are some of the types of media content available.

Looking at extra media content

Get yourself down to the National Museum in Krakow today to experience a more high-tech art gallery. Although, you’ve got until July when the project ends.

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Have you visited the museum and used NFC? Let us know, in the comments below.