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Nokia Social Facebook app

GLOBAL – Nokia Social is our Symbian app for keeping in touch with your social networks, and it’s recently been updated to make creating and viewing updates simpler than ever.

The main visible improvement is the addition of extra widgets to take full advantage of the extra screen real-estate that comes with Nokia Belle. With Social 1.5, there’s a choice of four different widgets so you can see more or less of your networks right from your homescreen.

A picture paints a thousand words in this case, so this is what you’ll get:



Of course, it’s entirely your choice to use any of these widgets. Starting with the left-hand picture, there’s the Facebook summary widget. This is reasonably compact (4×2), and gives both a field to create an update, with access to the camera, and also notifications of messages, events, updates and invites.

The lower two 4×1 widgets on the left are simpler and give quick access to the main apps, plus notifications.

On the right is the 4×3 mega widget. It’s hard to tell, but this is actually scrollable, so you can see ten recent status updates from your friends. You can also post updates (with an optional picture), which go to both networks simultaneously.

Under the hood, as it were, there are full apps for both Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter app

 Facebook app

Nokia Social 1.5 is a free download from Nokia Store. Give it a spin and let us know what you think. [NB: it’s called ‘Social Networking Client’ in the Store listings, if you’re trying to search for it].

UPDATE: If you couldn’t get this through the link provided, a new version is rolling out through Software Update on your phone itself or through Nokia Suite.