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Tumblr on Nokia Lumia 800

GLOBAL – Tumblr can’t be beat – despite all the talk about new social media networks such as Pinterest.

And the endless resource for the weird and wonderful, with witty writing and fantastic photography, looks great on my Nokia Lumia 800.

Tumblr, has been around since 2007 and currently hosts more than 47.1 million blogs, featuring a total of more than 18 billion posts – enough to keep even the most overactive web surfer quiet for a few minutes. 

A host of sites such as Pinterest, Typepad and Stumbleupon, offer alternatives but none have captured the real essence of Tumblr.

Typepad, in my opinion, is a great blogging mechanism, but only goes halfway to replicating the fun Tumblr brings to your screen. Stumbleupon simulates the beauty of Tumblr’s media sharing, but offers only one category at a time, limiting the amount of creativity that you have with a page.

Pinterest has come closest to the Tumblr mechanism of matching your interests to stuff that suits you, but through a completely different interactive experience.

Ultimately, Tumblr is still the daddy of online blogging.

The problem most people have though is finding a Tumblr page that suits all their interests. So where do you start? 

To persuade the non-believers, I have highlighted my favourite five Tumblr pages that will inspire you on the path towards blog heaven.

First, although Tumblr works on your browser, I recommend you download the Tumblebee app from the Windows Phone marketplace for your Nokia Lumia phone. The full version is only 79 pence or a dollar. Tumblebee helps you create and manage your very own Tumblr page, quickly and easily.

Searching and bookmarking for your favourite Tumblr pages is also effortless, just search by tag names and you’re away!  


Pleated Jeans 

If you’re new to humour on the web, here is good place to start. A random collection of odd bits in circulation around email inboxes, Pleated Jeans, focuses on instantly digestible humour, without needing to read big blocks of text to understand what is going on, like newspaper comic strips of yore.

It’s highly recommended for daily use, particularly during those boring midweek lunchtimes, as it updates almost hourly. You’ll often see gags here before they go viral on Facebook. Below is a taster of what to expect everyday.




Animals With Stuffed Animals 

Taking the sweet and fluffy from all around the web and chucking it a big indispensable resource of cuteness, the title explains it all. If you are familiar with the blogosphere, you know it’s impossible to avoid an animal wearing some kind of hat, costume, or a teddy in this case.

A definite must for lazy Sunday afternoons with a cup of tea.



(Source: exc3ption)



Inspired by National Geographic and Time magazine photo journalism, this tasteful and unique blog focuses on the beautiful snappings of some of the best snappers, out there in the thick of it, capturing the world one moment at a time. 

Events of the 20th and 21st centuries are all covered, enhancing its appeal to every generation. 


(Source: Uriel Sinai / Getty Images]


The Burning House 

What would you save from your burning house? My list would include running trainers, decks, golf clubs, CD collection… The list is endless but you have to make sacrifices in life, and this blog highlights what is important to you and others. 

Everyday people send their pictures in with a pile of what they would save, and describe themselves. Think about what you would save and send your picture in, you’d be surprised how hard it can be.




All that’s interesting 

Encapsulating all that is random about the world, ‘All that’s interesting’ focuses purely on the interesting things in life that you never really hear about. Updated almost daily, this incredibly popular Tumblr blog provides a platform for news that often never reaches the mainstream.

Check back regularly for stunning imagery, anecdotes and quality news. Below is a sample of what to expect.