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Anyone who knows me can tell you that extreme sports are not my thing (give me a comfy chair and a good book any day), but some people can’t get enough, so here at Nokia Connects I thought I’d have a look at people throwing themselves off things and filming it on Nokias.

So let’s start gently…with a spot of skateboarding. Talking to friends who used to skate (and don’t think I wasn’t tempted by watching Michael J Fox hang on to the tailgate of that truck, it’s just I have all the coordination of a newborn giraffe), they said that pulling off a trick was ‘a rush, man’. Right, I get it. But wouldn’t it be more fun if it was all a game? Remember PUSH skating?

Also for a low end rush – more of an ‘awwww look’ moment really – how about dolphin chasing with your N8? The quality of this video is, in my opinion, amazing – especially given the speed at which the boat was moving and the unpredictability of the animals. Note the crispness of the water splashes when the dolphins breach…

Ramping things up, how about a spot of skydiving? This Nokia Skydive Day took place in Austria last year and actually looks quite fun (thanks to butshootenanny for sharing). This would be the one ‘extreme’ sport that I might be tempted to try. After all, the guy you’re strapped to does all the work, right?

I wanted to bring you news of some Nokia BASE jumping (BASE, as we all know, stands for buildings, antennas, spans (bridges), and earth (cliffs) – thanks Wiki), and I remembered there was to be a BASE jump in Colorado as part of the PUSH series from last year. But it turns out the Nokia N8 camera helmet rig was damaged in the ascent to the cliff jump (maybe the risks outweighed the rewards here)! Have you seen any BASE jumps filmed on Nokias? Let us know.

Anyway, I dug a little deeper, and found some more crazy people willing to throw themselves off extremely high things for the buzz of it. The Nokia Wings team went to Madagascar simply for the pleasure of flinging themselves off a really high sheer cliff face. Well worth a watch, if only for the ‘oh my!’ moments:

So you’ve chosen which level of crazy you’re going to attempt, how best to capture it? Allow us to share some tips from the Nokia N8 camera school. And this is the crux of what I started out by saying – some people just can’t get enough. And hey, if the Nokia Lumia 800 can survive a jet engine (simulation), then the sky is quite literally the limit. Or, if you were lucky enough to win the Nokia N8 Producers competition last year, beyond the sky!