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February 23, 2012

The Big Nokia Status: biggest Facebook status ever?

You may have noticed on the Nokia Facebook page that a giant status (possibly the biggest Facebook status ever) went live today. This mammoth post was created with the input of many Nokia fans, who all took time out of their day to write a chapter or two about their feelings and passion for Nokia.

“Welcome to the Big Nokia Status! We asked some of our fans to tell us what they thought about Nokia, this might be the longest Facebook update ever:”

The whole story is segmented into 8 different chapters from Nokia bloggers with an extra chapter at the end from the Nokia Facebook team and their fans. Chapter topics include things like ‘The first time I picked up a Nokia”, “Travelling with a Nokia in my pocket”, “When I think Nokia I think…” and my personal favourite “Writing and blogging about Nokia”.

In total the update consists of 63157 characters featuring close to 20 passionate bloggers. As you can imagine it’s quite a read so you might want to get comfy before you start.

Let us know what you think about it in the comments section and if you agree or disagree with anything said there. Feel free to drop us a note on Twitter too.