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February 24, 2012

Match the Nokia phone to the film

The film award season is in full swing. The 84th Academy Awards are taking place in three days, the Film Independent Spirit Awards are being hosted by Seth Rogen this weekend and BAFTA has just passed us by. It’s the perfect time to test your movie and handset knowledge in our Nokia Connects game.

via Engadget

Here is how this game will work. I am going to show you an image of a Nokia phone and then give you a short clue about which film it appears in. Some of you may be good enough to instantly guess the film without the description (if I was looking over your shoulder I would be looking all impressed). Write your answers in the comments section next to the corresponding question letter.

Let’s begin. Lights, camera, ACTION!


Film clue: they disguise themselves as trucks, cars and aeroplanes....


Film clue: something your body produces lots of + a precious stone


Film clue: a vampire saves a girl from being run over by a car


Film clue: if you don't have a clue then you are......


Film clue: three friends lose the stag on his stag do

There you go everyone, some easy ones and some tough ones. Let me know your answers below and whether you plan on checking out any of the film awards this weekend!