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February 24, 2012

Nokia Belle – 'pimped up' and reviewed

Nokia Belle has been rolling out now for a couple of weeks, and for those who were able to get their hands on it early there has been time to tweak and play with the layout – Nokia Connects investigates.

via Le Gadgeteer (via SlashGear)

David Gilson has ‘pimped’ his Nokia Belle homescreen over at All About Symbian by adding widgets – his pick of the best. Some of them aren’t free, but they are his ‘chosen few’. Before I run through what he picked though, I’ll start with David’s final thoughts

‘don’t feel pressured into using every homescreen and every widget. Try to make the simplest configuration that works for you without anything superfluous to clutter your device’

So less is more. With that said, some of David’s choices seem to me to be ‘must haves’. A battery strength indicator (he chooses Battery Monitor 2.2), Homescreen Note (which is absolutely vital to a scatterbrain like me who constantly needs to jot reminders and notes to self) and not forgetting that Nokia Belle ‘comes with a great set of widgets in its own right’. The comment stream is also worth a read to see how others are ‘pimping’ their own version of Nokia Belle. How have you adjusted yours to suit you?

For a look at Nokia Belle in situ, I turned to THE TRUTH’s recent videos on YouTube. First up, a quick look through the OS on the Nokia N8. But it was his homescreen video that was really appropriate for this topic:

It’s very interesting to see that he only uses three of his available six homescreens, sticking to David’s maxim of keeping the clutter to a minimum.

So, how does Nokia Belle manifest itself on your homescreens? Do you use all six, or keep it down to three? Let us know in the comments or @Nokia_Connects