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February 25, 2012

Coldest Nokia Lumia 800 experience ever?

As the weather turns wintry in this particular Nokia Connects neck of the woods, the timing of this post could not be better – featuring the Nokia Lumia 800 and a lot of cold things.

via Pocket Now (and not in the snow)

The original post is in Dutch (great if you can read Dutch, not ideal if you can’t), but the words aren’t the interest here – it’s the video that is. Lucky Laura and Amazed Andrew were taken to a cold, cold place to spend some time with their brand new Nokia Lumia 800’s. N-ice!

Time for a bit of a game now. Some of the images in this post are taken with a Nokia Lumia 800, some with a Nokia N95 (a real blast from the past). Can you deduce which is which? Bet at least one will throw you.

Nic Haralambous has been taking a ‘second glance’ at the Lumia 800 and give it this glowing recommendation

The Lumia and WP7 combination is going to be the saviour for Nokia and Microsoft in the mobile game.

Quite the strong headline quote, and he goes on to explain how Nokia (and Symbian) is the ‘king of the castle’ in emerging markets. His experience as a ‘demanding’ user wasn’t quite what he expected (I suspect a little perseverance might have eased his issues), but he reckons for new smartphone users it would be ‘wondrous and consistent’.

Have you unboxed your Nokia Lumia 800 anywhere out of the ordinary? Did you get all the photos matched to the right phones? Let us know below, or @Nokia_Connects