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February 26, 2012

Introducing Barcelona: Home of Mobile World Congress 2012

As things gear up for the start of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona tomorrow, Nokia Connects gives you an introduction to Spain’s second city.

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According to mythology, Barcelona was founded by the Greek god Hercules 400 years before the building of Rome. The capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is Spain’s most cosmopolitan city and synonymous with culture, style and design. The city’s rich history boasts names such as Pablo Picasso, Antoni Gaudí and Joan Miró. This long tradition of being at the cutting-edge of artistic and cultural developments is one of the reasons why Barcelona makes such a fitting venue for Mobile World Congress 2012.

Barcelona was named as the Mobile World Capital from 2012-2018, the city will become a living lab where the industry will develop innovative technologies and people will experience culture and entertainment in new mobile-enhanced ways.

There are many exciting things to see and do in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress (as well as the MWC events themselves, of course!). Here at Nokia Connects we’ve chosen the top five attractions to help you get to know this fascinating city.

1. Park Güell – Designed by Gaudí in 1900, this park is a stunning combination of natural beauty and Gaudí’s signature Gothic surrealist architecture. The top of the park culminates in a terraced area of multi-coloured mosaic, and has breathtaking views across the city.

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2. Las Ramblas – Cutting through the heart of the city, Barcelona’s most famous street has everything you could possibly want. Shopping? Check! Street artists? Check! Living statues? Check! Markets? Check! Cafés, bars and restaurants? Check! Monuments? Check! Museums? Check! Amazing architecture? Check!

3. Monserrat – This “serrated mountain” is known as the spiritual heart of Catalonia and is easily reachable from Barcelona. Boasting stunning views, amazing scenery and wondrous limestone rock formations, this is surely a sight not to be missed.

4. La Sagrada Família – If you only have time to see one sight in Barcelona, this should be it. This Gothic cathedral was Gaudí’s final masterpiece, although he died before completing it and it remains unfinished. La Sagrada Família has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, along with others of Gaudí’s works.

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5. Catalan food – Catalonia is known both for its traditional cooking and its “nueva cocina española,” a cutting-edge gastronomical deconstruction movement headed by native chef Ferrán Adrià. Classic Catalan cuisine relies on simple and quality ingredients such as olive oil, garlic and tomatoes. Seafood is especially good in the coastal capital of Barcelona.

And last but not least, here’s a short video of images from Barcelona just to whet your appetite for travel!

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