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In the US, we love our awards shows. Whether they celebrate music, TV or film, we just love to watch the stars, from the second they step on to the red carpet, to the moment of triumph when they collect their award on stage.

Reese Witherspoon

And of course the daddy of them all, The Academy Awards, are on tonight. The Oscars celebrate the finest acting and just about every facet of film production. And Americans will tune in for every last detail.

So here’s how to use your Nokia to host a fun-packed Oscars party.

First step: do your homework

Which star is up for best actress in a supporting role?  Have you brushed up on her past performances and checked out the films she’s being nominated for this year?

Turn to the stunning IMDb application to read up on this years’ nominations. Thanks to its vast movie database, IMDb’s Windows Phone app has gorgeous photography and artwork, as well as volumes of information about films (both in theaters and on DVD) and actors alike.

You’ll also find movie showtimes and a full cast list, as well as biographies, trivia and filmography for the stars.

Step two: Cook the right food


Let’s say that you’re really pulling for Midnight in Paris to take best film this year. Why not rustle up a little haute cuisine, straight from Montmartre.

AllRecipes is an amazing web site that features a really well assembled Windows Phone app to boot.

There’s a searchable database of recipes and if you are  curious about specific dishes, there are photos to show you just how it looks on a plate.

Allrecipes also lets you share recipes via Facebook and Twitter.

Step three: get your visitors home safe.

For some, finding the way home or giving directions may be difficult, especially if folks celebrated a little too hard.


So be sure the designated driver has their route planned with Nokia Drive turn-by-turn navigation. Let the app do the talking to get you back safely.

If your partygoers need a taxi, try the TaxiRoute app, which gives you an estimate of the fare to get you from A to  B.

Enjoy your Oscars party! Which films and actors are you pulling for this year?  Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Photo credit: MingleMediaTVNetwork and Enokson