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How many megapixels did you say

BARCELONA, Spain – There has been tremendous interest towards the new Nokia 808 PureView we launched today at Mobile World Congress. Our colleagues on the Nokia Connects blog have been closely following what people are saying on Twitter, and there certainly seems to be some good buzz going on around #PureView

Tech blogs are sufficiently impressed by the 41-Megapixel camera in the Nokia 808 PureView. Gizmodo admits that they’re a little shocked right now. SlashGear predicts it might even be the most attention-grabbing smartphone of MWC.

Some publications, like the Verge, are a bit disappointed that the Nokia 808 PureView runs Nokia Belle OS instead of Windows Phone. As we said during the press conference, you can expect to see variations of PureView imaging technology on other Nokia products going forward.

TechCrunch reckons Nokia’s new imaging superphone is targeted at people whose mobile photography needs far eclipse those of the average person. Engadget agrees; they say it’s a phone for camera enthusiasts

You can find out more about Nokia PureView imaging technologies by exploring the infowidget below. You can also take this widget and embed it on your own site.

If you’re really into smartphone imaging, don’t forget to read the white paper Nokia’s very own camera gurus Juha Ala-Karhu, Damian Dinning and Eero Salmelin have put together on PureView imaging technology. 

There’s even more info about the Nokia 808 PureView on the product page.