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Nokia Reading

BARCELONA, Spain – The Nokia Lumia has just become even more entertaining: You can already listen to music through Mix Radio, play games through X-Box live, and see what everyone’s up to through an integrated view on your social networks. Now you can also read your favourite gripping novel.

We already read emails and look at websites on our smartphones – now people can also enjoy their favourite local and international authors, and discover new books on the Nokia Lumia using one integrated app: Nokia Reading.

Nokia Reading follows the same simple and elegant panorama design we’ve become used to with other services, delivering the whole experience through a beautifully designed “reading hub.”

Nokia is working with some of the world’s biggest publishers, including Penguin and Hachette, and Pearson to launch a world class e-book and audiobook experience that’s been designed specifically for the Nokia Lumia.  

Using a single, simple app you can choose your own favourite authors, or select bestselling novels and the top local books in your own language. If you’re not sure that you’ll like a book, Nokia Reading lets you browse some sample pages before you buy. Or you can download and read one of the thousands of classic works of literature that will be available for free.

Jo Nesbo

Once you have chosen a book, large, clear, smartphone screens like those on the Nokia Lumia make reading an enjoyable experience – and you can switch to ‘night mode,’ change the font or adjust brightness, if your eyes get tired in the evening. It’s also great on an underground train or plane, because you can read everything offline after downloading beforehand over WiFi or mobile network

In coming months you’ll also be able to create a personalized magazine page (called “news stream”) that updates content across the most popular categories, and adds web content from your chosen sites. 

Using Nokia Reading you need never be stuck without something to read again.

Nokia Reading will start rolling out for Lumia smartphones in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Russia and Germany from April.