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February 29, 2012

Direct your own music video with the Nokia Asha 302!

I’ve never directed my own music video, have you? The new Nokia Asha 302 interactive music video could be the closest I ever get to making the video that rocks my friends socks off. Take some time out today and have a look at this little treat of an interactive video on Nokia Connects.

Yesterday I briefly spoke to you all about the release of the new Nokia Asha 302 at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, today though I want you to try out a pretty cool interactive experience.

This is a decision making exercise that will test your ability to direct a music video that you can share with your friends. Watch the trailer below, then follow the link at the end. You will be taken on a whirlwind tour around “The Jessie Rose Trip” music video set in America, YOU are the director and YOU must call all of the shots! You can control the crew, select your cast, choose your props/scene and even the camera lenses you want to use (FYI – I opted for the fisheye lens).

During the video – choices will appear on the screen – it’s a hectic set, so decisions need to be made quickly. The band are relying on you to make something pretty cool. After all of the directorial decisions have been made you can sit back, relax and watch the whole thing unfold in front of your very eyes. So what are you waiting for? Rock on garth….watch this video then follow the link at the end.

So how did you get on? I posted my effort on Facebook about 15 minutes ago and so far my friends are taking to it pretty well (5 likes and 2 comments if you must know!). Post links to your videos on Facebook or post them on Twitter using the hashtags #Asha302 #NokiaConnects.

If you personalise the video with Facebook you can even see your name on the back of the directors chair.

Enjoy your directorial debut….if some of you have done the real thing before I would love to hear from you @Nokia_Connects.