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Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-221

BARCELONA, Spain – Nokia’s not just introducing new phones, services and partnerships here at Mobile World Congress. We’ve also been looking carefully at two new accessories to receive their first airing here in Spain.

The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-221 is a bright and adaptable piece of kit. Colour themed to match the latest phone selections, this headset is one designed for music lovers on the move. It’s a stereo, in-ear affair, with DSP, bass and treble adjustment. But two features really caught our attention. 

First of all, it has an integrated FM radio, with an OLED display to show the station. Why would you want this when there’s an FM radio in your phone? Because then it won’t draw on your phone’s battery, operating independently. Second, we loved the way you can twist round the clip 360-degrees so that you can see the display wherever you have it attached.

The BH-221 weighs a total of 28.5g and a two-hour charge will see you through seven-hours talk-time or 150 hours in standby. 

Nokia USB charger DC-16

The second new piece of Gear is equally likely to draw people’s attention, and possibly questions as to what exactly it does.

The Nokia DC-16 is a portable USB charger for use when your phone or other gadgets have run out of juice. Effectively, it’s a 2200mAh battery with USB leads to connect your gizmos. It’ll work with any device compliant with USB charging, comes in colours to match the latest Nokia phones and weighs 75g. The standby time is enormous: after three months, it still retains 75 per cent of its charge. Well worth having one in the bottom of your bag for when the inevitable happens at the worst possible time.

Which one is your first pick for the accessories bag?