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February 29, 2012

Nokia Maps update: the lowdown

We all use maps to get us from A to B, and now Nokia Maps has teamed up with Bing and Microsoft in order to make getting around with your Nokia phone easier and more fun than ever before.

So what are the main changes? First, the maps are now simpler – a sleeker design and reduced colour palette make it easy to navigate your course without being bombarded with excess and confusing information. Second, there’s an improved visual hierarchy (that’s a posh way of talking about zoom) – different levels of detail can be seen whether you zoom in or pan out, and there will be different views for drivers and pedestrians too.

“…the improved colors are quite nice on the eyes, and they do not clash with overlaid data” Paul Paliath for TechieBuzz

As well as being more simple, the maps have also been improved aesthetically, with a focus on improving typography and readibility. If you’re a simpleton like me, that basically means the font looks prettier and is easier to read than before.

Also – and this is the bit that excites me most– Nokia Maps will soon be rolling out on the mobile browser, meaning that Android and iOS users can also benefit from the Nokia Maps experience!

“As mobile navigation services go, Nokia Maps is up there with the very best” Stephen Ebert on the NokNok blog

Other exciting additions include a partnership with Groupon and beta voice navigation. What more could you possibly want?! But don’t take my word for it, here’s what people have been saying about the new Nokia Maps design:

What do you think about the changes? Love getting around with the new Nokia Maps? let us know @Nokia_Connects!