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March 3, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 – in depth review

In all my time at Nokia Connects my second favourite style of post (after, as we all know, the mighty unboxings) would be the ‘in depth review’ – all the facts and opinion you could possibly want in one place.

via love my nokia

Imran at Love My Nokia has posted just that…and boy it doesn’t disappoint! Covering all the usual suspects as far as sections go (UI, apps, camera), Imran delves deep into the phone to bring you everything you could possibly want or need to know.

Some highlights to begin with:

When I use it in any public places, all [the] people near me rolling their eyes on it.

Nokia fans should definitely love the new UI and OS experience

Black, Cyan and Magenta which gives a sexy look to its design

Everyone will love the design not only the Nokia fans

OK, I think you get the general idea. He likes it. A lot. In fact the only minor quibble he has is with the performance of the camera, but his sample pics he classes as ‘impressive’. So if that’s the worst he has to say about the Lumia 800, it has to be good.

Imran reserves a section of his post for covering apps, paying special attention to Nokia Drive and Xbox Live in particular. Lots of people agree with him when he says that Maps is why he likes Nokia – ‘Awesome navigation which is available in both 2D and 3D’. Xbox integration is another tick in the ‘Pros’ column, and he reckons that ‘some effort’ must have gone into making it happen.

Well there’s so much more, but if I put it all here, there’d be nothing left for you to go read, would there? Once you have, let us know what *you* think of the Nokia Lumia 800 in the comments. Or we’re always listening @Nokia_Connects