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March 4, 2012

What does mobile internet mean to developing markets?

With the introduction of the latest additions to the Nokia Asha family, the commitment to bringing mobile internet to ‘The Next Billion’ is clear to see, and here at Nokia Connects we’re going to take a look at what this access to information means to developing markets.

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Information is king – and when your livelihood (and in many cases your life) depends on it, then getting the latest news and information is critical. Whether it’s the latest prices of fish at different markets (making it easier to decide where to sell your catch) or photographs of what the symptoms of a disease look like, being able to access quickly, easily and accurately could make the difference. Nokia Life is the gateway to this information

‘Nokia Life services provide an entry to the world of digital content and an internet-like experience for many people who don’t yet have access to data plans’ said Dieter May, Nokia’s senior vice president of Mobile Phone Services. ‘…we’re enhancing our services to bring consumers content that matters to them in their daily lives and helps them progress.’Reuters

To see what plans Nokia has for the future to further close the gap and bridge the digital divide, Nokia Connects caught up with Blanca Juti (Vice President of Nokia and famous for dancing on stage) to find out what she has planned:

Backing up what Blanca mentioned in the video, an article on the CNN pages reckons healthcare can be revolutionised by access to mobile information

‘From simple reminders for vaccinations or anti-retroviral treatments, to grassroots information gathering on demographics and diseases, to mobile information repositories for personal health records, cellphones are becoming a key cornerstone of health programs in a growing number of African countries.’

via The Daily Telegraph

So the gap is closing. The digital divide is being bridged. And things are set to get even better with the promise of more ‘siblings’ to be added to the Asha family. The ‘information superhighway’ (remember that term?) is on its way to developing markets and it won’t be long until the next billion are driving on it to better, healthier, more prosperous lives.

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