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Nokia N9

If, like us at Nokia Connects, you’ve been desperately waiting for the Nokia N9’s latest Hartmattan PR 1.2 update, your wait is finally over.

Last week, the update began being rolled out to Nokia N9 lovers worldwide. It includes countless goodies for a smartphone The Verge called “one of the most fascinating phones of the last few years”. Now, after a week of playing, here’s nine ways we think the update has made the Nokia N9 more fascinating still.

ONE. The home screen has support for folders, making it easier for you to organize your apps.

Nokia N9


TWO. Your browser now remembers passwords and has select/copy text support.

THREE. The camera has a setting directly in the viewfinder for switching flash on and off. It also now switches faster between photo and video mode and has a continuous shutter mode for taking a large number of pictures in a short period of time.

N9 Camera

FOUR.There are separate settings to allow background connections in the home network and while roaming. It’s also possible to disallow data roaming completely, without asking.

FIVE. Dropbox support has been added to Accounts for sharing files.

SIX. The gallery now has face recognition support to help organize your pics.

SEVEN. A wide variety of haptic feedbacks for different user interface elements has been added.

EIGHT. Nokia Drive is faster.

Nokia N9

NINE.There is now backend support for video calls. 

That’s our top nine, but what about yours? Have we missed out anything that’s made you fall in love, all over again, with the sexiest slab of polycarbonate on the planet? If so, let us know below or at @Nokia_Connects.