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March 7, 2012

Nokia Monster Purity WH-920 earphones – 'stand out'

Clinton Jeff ‘likes to stand out’ (we’ve noticed over the years here at Nokia Connects, don’t you worry), and he reckons the Nokia Monster Purity in-ear WH-920 earphones allow him to do just that.

via Unleash The Phones

As with any new piece of kit, Cj had to first get at the earphones, a process that took some time simply due to the ‘very premium’ packaging. The ‘phones come in a zipped and reinforced hard shell case (and I know from personal experience that these cases are invaluable when travelling), and Cj was also impressed with the selection of ear buds, ensuring there is a nice fit whatever shape your aural receivers are.

The highlights of his unboxing and ears-on experience:

  • I immediately fell in love with them, just from appearance
  • the Nokia Monster Purity Stereo is better than any in-phone-retail-box pair of headphones we’ve heard so far…I was sorta blown away by the WH920
  • pretty much the best headphones you can get in this price range

He has plenty more to say, especially about testing the WH-920s with different model phones, so go have a read, then let him (and us) know what you think, or if you have any questions about mid-high trebles.

For another look at the Nokia Monster WH-920s , this video from our friends at NokNok TV is worth checking out:

Have you tried the Nokia Monster Purity in-ear WH-920 earphones yet? What’s the best Nokia audio experience you have had? What ‘phones (on which phone) currently rock your world? And what music are you listening to on them? We’re always all ears @Nokia_Connects.