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March 7, 2012

Social Media Week 2012: video special

Reading about what happened in SMW12 is all good, but let’s be honest, watching it is much easier on the eyes! So today on Nokia Connects let’s focus on the cool stuff that made Social Media Week a blast. 

As you’ll see from the videos below we were busy performing random acts of kindness all week at SMW12, but before you get trigger happy with the play buttons I want to briefly talk to you about why exactly we carried out such acts during SMW12 (sorry I lied, there is a little bit of reading!)

We are committed at Nokia to connecting the next billion people to social and digital media. Many of you will recognise this mission statement from Nokia World 2011. Connecting this many people was primarily why we were closely associated with everything at Social Media Week. We want to speak to people on their level, when it suits them. We conducted random acts of kindness on a one-to-one level, to make people aware of the power of social media (often when they least expected it).

Anyway, enough of that, let’s cut the reading out and move onto the eye candy. This is where the video special really starts:

Here is a summary of everything that happened….

Here is the amazing taxi experience…..

The Nokia Social Innovation Lab….

What did you love the most about our activities during Social Media Week 2012? Were you a part of them and want to tell us your story? You know where to get hold of us, either type a comment below or Tweet us @Nokia_Connects.