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March 7, 2012

Weekly Regional Spotlight: New Zealand

Having recently gone down under here on Nokia Connects with our regional spotlight on Australia, it seems high time to check out what the Aussie’s close neighbours, the Kiwis, have been getting up to in New Zealand.

via Kiwi Flickr on the Nokia Lumia 800

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia New Zealand teamed up with legendary national rugby team the All Blacks and filmed the famous players taking down a remote-control helicopter with a Lumia 800 on it.

“A Nokia Lumia 800 was attached to a remote control device and flown over a rugby ground where Williams, Dagg, Jane, Toeava and Whitelock were having a kick around. The All Blacks took turns to try punt and hurl footy balls at the airborne Nokia Lumia 800 until they brought it down”

If you think this is too crazy to believe, then check out the video!

The mystery of the coptercam was revealed on March 1st, when the All Blacks came out with a video highlighting the features of the Nokia Lumia 800 and a competition to win a Lumia 800. Exciting stuff!

And as if that were not enough excitement for one day, Nokia New Zealand also commissioned artists the Cut Collective to transform standard Nokia Lumia billboards into one-off pieces of street art in Auckland and Wellington over a two-week period. You can follow their progress on the Nokia NZ Facebook and witness the everyday being transformed into something that is truly amazing! Watch this space!

Also in the spotlight this week is Nigel Parker’s photography-driven review of the Lumia 800 in the wonderfully titled ‘Nokia Lumia 800 Releasing in New Zealand… Why You Want One!

Nigel goes into great detail about the imaging capabilities of ‘the greatest device’ he’s ‘ever owned’, as well as outlining the benefits of the ‘awesome’ Nokia Drive (his words, not mine!). He also provides some useful tips and tricks as how to get the best photos possible out of your Lumia 800, and gives us some great examples to prove it!

via Kiwi Flickr

And last, but by no means least, we have these amazing nature shot taken by Mobile Art on a Nokia N8 – something to get you in the mood for Spring!

While I have your attention, why don’t you check out our recent regional spotlights on Spain, Egypt and the Maghreb, Bangladesh and Pakistan and The Levant? Do you want to see your country in the spotlight next week? Then let us know @Nokia_Connects!