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March 8, 2012

Feel the need for speed? Five ways the Nokia Lumia 900 is faster

A few years back, an analysis of pedestrians around the world revealed that the average person walked at almost 3.5 miles per hour. That’s 10 percent faster than a decade beforehand. Life, it seems, really is speeding up. Here, at Nokia Connects, we believe in the old adage that time is more valuable than money. If you do too, take a look at how Nokia’s fastest smartphone ever, the Nokia Lumia 900, can save you more precious moments every single day.

Speeds up your social life

We’re the most connected generation in history. 800 million of us are on Facebook. 300 million of us use Twitter. The Nokia Lumia 900’s People Hub and Live Tiles have been especially designed to help us deal with this new reality and stay connected faster. You can group people based on how they fit into your life. Pin important individuals to the start screen. Send texts or IM conversations to entire groups. Glance at social updates. In fact, you can speed up your social life in pretty much any way you want.


Speeds up your Internet

If anyone needs the Nokia Lumia 900, it’s Canadians. New research, just out, shows they’re some of the world’s most passionate surfers, spending an average of 45 hours online in the last quarter of 2011. Fortunately, the Nokia Lumia 900 is a web-browsing rocket. Not only does it have optimized browsing with IE9, but it also delivers ultra-fast HSPA+ network connectivity, with dual channel support, promising up to 42Mbps downlink and 5.76 Mbps uplink speeds. And thanks to the LTE version, lucky North Americans get to zip along at a cracking 70 Mbps of Internet speed.

Speeds up taking and sharing photos

One of our great smartphone pleasures is taking photos. And we’re not alone. In 2011, sales of cameraphones exceeded 1 billion for the first time ever. Imagine how many pictures these cameras take every single day. Then imagine how much time it takes to shoot, upload and share them. The Nokia Lumia 900 does all that quicker, thanks to a dedicated camera button and integrated social functions. To see for yourself, check out how Ben The PC Guy takes on CES 2012 attendees with his Windows Phone 100 dollar challenge.

Speeds up the way you work

Nokia Lumia 900 may be one of the sexiest looking smartphones on the planet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great for work. Quite the opposite. With Outlook Mobile, for example, you can set up email in seconds, have multiple accounts and multiple ActiveSync accounts. You can see all mailboxes at once in your Linked inbox, combine all your inboxes to one start screen tile and read emails in conversations. You can view real time presence status, chat with colleagues, access, change and share documents. When it comes to mobile working you’ll be hard pressed to find a nippier assistant anywhere.

Speeds up the way you travel

The world’s worst traffic jam might have taken place in Paris in 1980 (it involved 18 million cars and spanned 109 miles), but alas things still haven’t changed much. In 2011, the average U.S. driver still spent 2 weeks per year stuck in traffic. Thanks to Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps and Nokia Transportation, the Nokia Lumia 900, like it’s smaller brother, the Nokia Lumia 800, is one of the best turn-by-turn enabled Personal Navigation Devices on earth.

Voice guided turn-by-turn drive navigation is available in 50+ languages with real time traffic flow in 20+ countries. Nokia Maps helps you find 60 million points of interest in over 100 countries, while Nokia Transport provides public transport directions for 460 cities in 46 countries. Combined, these pretty much guarantee that with the Nokia Lumia 900, you’ll get from A to B quicker than ever before.

If you’re one of the world’s fastlaners, and would love some extra time to enjoy life, the Nokia Lumia 900 might be just for you. As for us, we’re busy trying to calculate, which of these sensationally snappy features will give us the most time to enjoy the Finnish spring sunshine! Needless to say, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 900, so getting writing or commenting here or at @Nokia_Connects.