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March 8, 2012

Nokia N9 – a 'work of art'

A couple of looks for you today on Nokia Connects at the Nokia N9 from two guys who have written detailed hands on posts for your delight and delectation.

via Tech Radar

First up, just so we know where we are, collated highlights from both posts

    • a beauty to behold
    • the phone is fast, responsive and beautiful
    • amazing device
    • many heads turned

Desii opens by saying the N9 looks ‘absolutely stunning’. Good start, what’s next? Well he runs through the design of the phone, highlighting all the areas you’d like to see highlighted in a review. I thought that was all. But no, it’s a three pager, and that was just page ONE! Page two takes on the UI and page three Calling and Contacts, Call Management and Messaging. Each section begins with a good and bad list, which I personally think is a great way to do things. Overall, a great run down for anyone looking into the N9…and he’s not done yet! This was part one of the ‘mega review’, so have a read if you have a few minutes, and stay tuned to his page for more.

via The Brand Evangelist

Jesse says that if he tried to cover everything the N9 has to offer, he’d ‘end up with a book’. So what does he cover in his ‘work of art’ review? Well, he became so addicted to the swipe UI that he keeps trying to swipe when he goes back to the N8 (I, too, have done the very same thing). The take away phrase for me from the whole review? ‘It gets my work done’. Enough said. He ends with a question, which I find interesting – ‘Will you be picking up a Nokia N9?’

Well, will you? Agree with all that has been said in these two posts? Let us know in the comments, or drop us a line @Nokia_Connects.