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NEW YORK, NY, United States – The Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 are very versatile devices. On Conversations, we’ve covered how to host parties and even cook up fun recipes on your Lumia phone, but we’ve never talked about mixology.

That is – how can you mix up a fantastic cocktail, using only your wits and a mobile phone? If you’re up for an adult beverage, there’s a very good app you should check out called Cocktail Flow.

If Epicurious is the cook’s delight, then Cocktail Flow is the home bartender’s secret weapon. With Cocktail Flow, you can build drinks based on ingredients you have at home, which holiday is coming up (St. Patrick’s Day for example) or simply by what mood you’re in.

Cocktail Flow will then show the drink summary with images and the full recipe. The app even lists all the preparation you need to carry out to make the drink a reality. Finally, you can read reviews of each drink left by other Cocktail Flow users.

Putting mixology to use, Nokia style

With recent launches of the Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 bundle, Nokia decided to take mixology on the road and team up with master mixologists from Critical Mass and Brugal Rum.

As a result, we have two new drink recipes from Jason and Marshall who utilized nitrous oxide to pressure-infuse Brugal Anejo with coffee and cacao, making a very interesting twist to some rum-inspired drinks. We now have two very tasty and interesting drinks, called the Lumia Daquiri and the Light on the Dark Side.

Full recipes are below, for your enjoyment:

Lumia Daquiri
Brugal Blanco Especial, castor sugar, fresh clarified lime juice, served translucent

2 ozs Brugal
3/4 oz lime (clarified with agar agar)
3/4 oz simple syrup

Simple syrup is 1:1 sugar to water. The lime juice is clarified with agar agar (basically seaweed), which bonds solid particles together, then further clarified with a rotary centrifuge.  Stir the ingredients together and serve up in a coupe glass.

Courtesy of Marshall Altier (@marshallaltier) and Jason Littrell (@jasonlittrell) of Jbird Cocktails (@jbirdcocktails) and CRTCLMSS  Events (@crtclmss).

Light on the Dark Side
Pressure infused Mexican Cacao Bean Brugal Añejo, demerara sugar, grapefruit bitters & zest

2 ozs Brugal Añejo infused with coffee and cacao using NO2 pressure infusion
1 tsp demerara syrup
1 dash grapefruit bitters
grapefruit peel

The Brugal Anejo is “flash-infused” with Coffee and Cacao using NO2 to pressure-infuse the spirit. The ingredients are stirred together in a chilled Yarai mixing glass.  This cocktail is served on a large ice cube block in a rocks glass.

Courtesy of Marshall Altier (@marshallaltier) and Jason Littrell (@jasonlittrell) of Jbird Cocktails (@jbirdcocktails) and CRTCLMSS  Events (@crtclmss).