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March 10, 2012

Top 5 comments on Nokia Connects this week

According to The Global Language Monitor, there are currently an astounding 1,013,913 words in the English language. This week, plenty of those have been used to inform, entertain and educate us here at Nokia Connects. To see for yourself take a look at this week’s best of the best comments.

The Big Debate: Headphones or earphones?

Nokia Gear has a wealth of cool audio accessories, everything from the latest Nokia Purity by Monster range to the colourful Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-111. The question we asked was, how do you like to wear your headset, over-ear or in-ear?  Andy Hards had some wise words to share on the subject.

I am lucky enough to have some BH-905′s and after using these for a year I am reluctant to use anything else. When I get a call I can hear and be heard perfectly and when listening to tunes I have known for years I am constantly hearing things I have never heard before due to the incredible sound. If I’m in a slightly noisy environment I use the Active Noise Control and sometimes the effect is like winding up the window in my car while driving on the motorway.

 9 ways the latest Nokia N9 update makes it even better

The Nokia N9 community is one of the most passionate on the planet. Hardly surprising when they own what Engadget called the “most lust-worthy slab of engineering ever seen.” With a new update these lucky people got a host of cool new features. For the first time ever, one blog post got two top commentators. James Iarm made our list for his pure exuberance and Carman58 for sharing some top tips.

 James Iarm
Always great news when Nokia Connects talks about Nokia N9. Nokia Connects blog was born from the old Nokia Nseries blog. Being N9 (sadly) the last (and the best) Nseries ever made, I can see you guys here just LOVE to talk about N9!

That’s it! Keep MeeGo alive! Make one device a year and keep the dev community close!

Loving all the changes on my N9, you didn’t mention changing your wallpaper background, and landscape throughout most of the UI, plus Flash being released today on the Nokia Store is awsome

Nokia 808 PureView: your questions answered

Unsurprisingly, given its status as the world’s best camera smartphone, the Nokia 808 PureView was a hot topic again this week. The Nokia Connects community got the chance to grill photography guru Damian Dinning about its features, design and capabilities. After hearing his answers, Sammyl mirrored our thoughts perfectly.

Definitely buying the 808! Please make sure it will be released in Australia. I also hope Nokia will port some UI elements from the N9, such as swipe down to close app and swipe left, right or up to minimum, plus the multitasking selection screen. These UI elements are fantastic and I think will definitely benefit the Belle OS.

Feel the need for speed? Five ways the Nokia Lumia 900 is faster


Research has shown that our pace of life is speeding up, yet the average North American still spends two weeks stuck in traffic every year. To help us deal with life in the fast lane, we highlighted how Nokia’s fastest ever smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 900 can give you more time to enjoy what matters. Cristian Trohin shared his unique insights and gave us some advice, too.

I am a happy Nokia N8 user, but I recently trialed a Lumia 800 and it basically changed the way I look at any mobile phone. I loved the way you can socialize with it, but I sometimes felt the need for a bigger screen. So, here comes the Lumia 900 with a bad boy 4.3 incher. I think this is about as large as I would go on a mobile device. I do wish that Microsoft would support 854×480 resolution, because it would benefit the WP user experience.

Big congrats to all our top commentators this week. You guys now officially rock! If you’d like to join this elite bunch of wordsters, why not start now and share your thoughts on this week’s most popular posts, here or at @Nokia_Connects