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AUSTIN, TX, USA – Last year almost four million acres of Texas suffered the worst wildfires in the history of the state. Coming back from a tragedy like that will take years and some pretty extensive contributions. Nokia’s presence at SXSW goes beyond parties, domes and the Nokia Lumia 900. With our commitment to green technology, it was only natural for us to do what we can to help. 

#ijustplantedatree as a top trend on US Twitter.

To bring this to life, today we created the #ijustplantedatree hashtag and invited 50 of our Twitter friends to take part in our mission. The job? For every tweet from our 50 Twitterers which contains the hashtag, we’ll pledge to plant five trees. But, the response has been amazing and within two hours of starting, we’d blown through a quarter of our quota. And, as of tonight (Sunday, 9PM) anyone on Twitter who tweets the #ijustplantedatree hashtag will count for another tree planted. Our current aim is to get to 10,000 trees within 48 hours.

With millions of acres damaged, this initiative is just a very small part in restoring the area. We’re working with our friends at the Arbor Day Foundation to get the trees planted. 

Raising awareness is an important part of what we’re doing here so alongside the trees which Nokia will be pledging to plant, we’d like to think this campaign will make a lot more people aware of what needs to be done to restore this great State.