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March 13, 2012

N8 camera mod to make you go 'Hmmm', Nokia N9 hands on video

A couple of things of note today on Nokia Connects – a great self-made camera mod for the Nokia N8, and a Nokia N9 hands on video that shows pretty much all you could want to see.

via They Call This Life

Want your N8 camera to be even more awesome and take pics like a Leica (say it quickly)? Chuong Nguyen has brought an interesting hack to my attention, one that I could definitely never attempt and we *do not recommend you try*. A lot of the language in the accompanying video is super technical (unless you know a lot about photography), and the fun stuff (seeing the pictures) kicks in at about 5 minutes. Holy f-stop Batman!

For the N9 fans among you, Jerome Ancheta has shot a video showing every aspect of the OS and swipe that you could wish to see. Like at 0’37 when he zooms on the image and we see the quality or the fluid nature of the menu.

So, that’s the N-ews for the day. What do you think? Are you going to be trying new things with your N8 camera? We’d love to see the results (note – we do not recommend taking a screwdriver to the phone unless you REALLY know what you’re doing). But try something new and share it with us in the comments or @Nokia_Connects.