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Nokia Maps audio directions on iPad

GLOBAL – Nokia Maps is one of the best navigation services you’ll ever use on your Nokia smartphone. And since last summer, you’ve been able to search for places, share them with friends and get walk, drive and public transport directions from on iOS and Android devices. Today we are pleased to introduce one more feature on this mobile web browser: voice-guided, turn-by-turn walk navigation.

As a Nokia smartphone user, you’ll be used to loading Nokia Maps whenever you want to get from A to B. So you’ll know from experience that no other map app comes close to providing the same level of quality.

To help you share the places and routes you have found with Nokia Maps, we have introduced for your friends with an iPhone, iPad or Android (2.3) device. There’s no need to be stuck with other mapping services anymore. You can also access Nokia Maps’ extensive Places directory and high quality directions on and, from today, you’ll get voice-guided walk navigation too.

Nokia Maps on iPhone_directions

Nokia Maps on iPhone_routing

Once you’ve loaded up the Nokia Maps page, your device will ask if it’s OK to access your location. If it’s precise mapping and routing you’re after, then you’ll need to accept this. But don’t worry, this is only used for routing purposes.

Finding somewhere is really simple. Just type where you’re looking for in the address bar at the top. From the returned results list, select where you want to go and you’re just a couple of clicks from getting to your destination.

Nokia Maps audio directions

Now, this is where it gets interesting, and even more useful. When you’re ready to start walking, just tap the route icon. Nokia Maps will now ask you if you want to use audio directions for your journey by loading an audio file of nearly 2MB.

We’d recommend popping on a headset so that you don’t miss the “turn left”, or “turn right” voice commands.

Because has been designed for urban use, the voice navigation only works for journeys on foot. The three icons at the top of the page give you options of how you’re planning to travel. The image of the person walking is for walking journeys, obviously.

The other two images represent driving routes and public transport. There’s also different map views: Map view (default); Satellite view, Public transport view; and Live traffic view.

Nokia Maps Public transport view

To use these great features on your non-Nokia smartphone, navigate to in your device’s browser and bookmark it for later.

Have you tried this version of Nokia Maps? What is your favourite feature? And have you ditched your current navigation service for Nokia Maps? We’d love to hear what you think about, in the comments section below.

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