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A belated Sunday Nokia Connects Big Debate kicks off on the topic of form factor today. We’ve spoken previously on many occasions about how phones have changed their appearance over the years, so let’s look at where we are now and what we think is the optimum route to pursue.

Form factor

My first love in the smartphone world was the N82 with its sturdy candybar shape. From there I used the N900, N8 and E7 which were all completely different in comparison, but there were little things I liked and still like about each. Now I’m living in N9 and Lumia territory and when you compare you see that everything is slimmer, brighter, stronger and on the whole more natural.

Nokia Lumia 900

Where do we go from here though? As much as I love the 808 PureView, it does remind me a little bit of an N82 in terms of looks, obviously it’s very different with the touch screen and rounded corners etc., but it’s not too far apart.

So I’m sitting here wondering how far form factors have come in the last few years and where they are going, what will be the next revolutionary innovation? Will we start seeing some of these unbelievable concept phones coming to life, are we getting there? Contrary-wise, do you think we are already there?

Let me know in the comments section or on Twitter.