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AUSTIN, TX, USA – On Sunday we started a campaign to plant 10,000 trees in Texas. This was our contribution to the rebuilding efforts following last year’s wildfire devastation. With 50 of our Twitter friends enrolled in the campaign to tweet to plant a tree, we didn’t quite realise how popular this might become. 48 hours after we launched, we’ve had enough tweets to plant over 44,000 trees.

Top of the list for most trees planted is one WIlliam Daroff (@daroff) who, thanks to his network of friends on Twitter has generated 6,073 trees to plant. He’s only just ahead of Andru Edwards (@andruedwards) who’s responsible for 6,024 trees. Dave Peck (@davepeck) and Alison Sudol (@afinefrenzy) both posted over 5,000 trees each. 

TheNextWeb‘s Brad McCarty was one of those involved in the campaign. He enjoyed the Nokia Lumia 800 he’s been playing with, but he’s also made a contribution to the campaign by tweeting about #ijustplantedatree

We’re super excited about being able to play a significant role at this year’s SXSW, not just attending the show, but engaging our friends to help raise awareness of the help that’s needed in Texas, and make a contribution towards restoring the state.