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March 14, 2012

Nokia Lumia 710 – a 'great little phone'

Kevin Everett has taken a look – in depth, on video, at the Nokia Lumia 710, and more specifically the OS, and here at Nokia Connects we always like to bring you every aspect of the phones, so we have.

via Ubergizmo

He spends a minute looking at the hardware and physical buttons on the phone, but then moves swiftly onto his look at the guts, what drives the Lumia 710 and what you can expect from the Windows Phone OS.

The highlights

  • The ‘very nice keyboard’ is ‘very fast, very fluent…kudos to Microsoft’
  • ‘Does email very, very well’
  • ‘Fires up very quick’

Kevin also covers customisation – changing the theme, unpinning and pinning tiles – the voice activation of apps, and searching Bing for pizza. Have a look, it’s a great video for anyone who hasn’t had eyes on the Lumia 710 yet, or the Windows Phone OS.

Kevin reckons the Nokia Lumia 710 is a ‘great little phone’ – but do you agree? Let us know by leaving a comment or dropping us a line @Nokia_Connects.