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Nokia 808

Ansel Adams, the famed American photographer, once said “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” Here, at Nokia Connects, we’ll never have his skill, but we are a little more ambitious. Why? Because we’ll soon be armed with the world’s best camera smartphone. And to give us, and you, an even better best chance of success, we’ve unearthed five must have accessories for our Nokia 808 PureView.

Protect yourself

Your Nokia 808 PureView goes everywhere with you – and in your day to day life that means there are going to be bumps and scrapes. The Nokia Hard Cover CC-3046 offers snug, stylish, durable, hard wearing protection. In black or red, it has a tough outer shell with easy access to all your phone functionality, including the camera – there’s a special built in lens protector for that – while the shock absorbent lining really goes the extra mile to keep your precious smartphone safe.

Power up

With talk time of up to 11 hours and standby of more than 3 weeks, you know you can go a long way from home without recharging. But when you need that extra boost, the Nokia Universal Portable USB Charger DC-16 can double your battery life. Small enough to fit into your pocket or bag – and able to hold its charge for more than three months – you can forget it until you need it. When you do, it refuels your Nokia 808 PureView fast.

 Nokia Universal Portable USB Charger DC-16


Stay steady

The Nokia 808 PureView’s 7728 x 5368 pixels camera won’t miss a thing. You can make every one of those 41 million pixels count by tripod mounting your 808. That’s where the Nokia Tripod Mount HH-23 comes in, keeping you steady on any standard tripod – and guaranteeing pixel sharp photos and movies.

 Nokia Tripod Mount HH-23


Talk free

We know that the Nokia 808 PureView is all about visual excitement – so when it comes to making phone calls you might not want to break away from that crowdscape you’re photographing to put it up to your ear. But with the Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset you don’t need to. Available in five colours – black, white, and a striking blue, green and pink – the headset is always ready to use. Just pop it out of its holder to take or make a call – then pop it back in afterwards. It boasts an incredible 2 months battery life.

Nokia Luna

Go large

Of course the thing about high resolution photos and HD movies is that they look great big. The Nokia Micro HDMI Cable CA-198 outputs direct from your Nokia 808 PureView to your television so you can really appreciate the awesome visuals and hi-fi audio that your magnificent media machine renders. It’s comes with a cool carrying pouch so you don’t have to leave it at home.

So, your Nokia 808 PureView is protected, you have enough charge in your pocket to keep going for weeks – and you’re ready to talk and show your creations on an HD screen at a moment’s notice. What more do you need for a perfect day of Nokia 808 PureView photo heaven? As ever we’d love to know in the comments below or at @Nokia­­_Connects.