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March 15, 2012

Future Tech: Wireless everything?

Here at Nokia Connects (well, in the snow-ridden Canadian branch at least) we think that wireless technology is the future – no great blockbuster headline there – but also that it’s closer than we think.

via Nokia Users

We’ve been able to charge our phones wirelessly for a while now. (Hands up though, let me know how long it takes to get a full charge vs. a wired plug charger). I’m writing this on a laptop that is unplugged, using the internet on a wireless router – wirelessly. But this is just the very *very* tip of the iceberg as far as wireless technology goes. Consider the following….

Think about this for a minute:

The ‘future of transportation will be based around smart phones, mobile navigation systems and other common gadgets and will drastically change how we navigate and interact with cities.’

So said Jason Kambitsis on Wired a couple of years ago. I love the idea, I really do. The concept behind the Intelligent Transport System is that every vehicle on the road will talk to every other vehicle, meaning that congestion becomes a thing of the past as routes are changed to quieter roads once major ones get busy. And all will be powered wirelessly. By mobile devices.

Now take a look at this TED talk in which Eric Topol asserts that wireless devices are changing the face of medicine:

Take outs from the talk: ‘in the future you will be checking all your vital signs’ on your phone. Also that we are the start of ‘the perfect storm…for consumer-driven medicine’ – knowing when your contractions are for real (time to get to the hospital, no more false alarms), knowing instantly when your blood sugar is too high or low, or when you’re not getting enough sleep. Digital, wireless medicine is empowering patients right now.

There’s more. Tiny nanobots that can work inside your body and carry out tiny little tasks? Absolutely. Earthquakes? Covered. Brakes for your bike that sense danger and engage to prevent an accident? Yes.

Where do you see wireless technology heading in the future? Does NFC have a role to play? What uses could it be put to (powered by Nokia) to make life easier, better, healthier, safer? We’ll take the best of your ideas (from the comments or @Nokia_Connects) and put them out there to the community, collaboratively work together and see if we can change the world!