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March 15, 2012

How mobile phones became a woman’s best friend

Nokia Connects takes a look at the evolving relationship between a woman and her phone.

via Nokia Conversations

A dog may be a man’s best friend, but according to a survey by, for women, their mobile phone is more important to them than their boyfriend.

As a woman myself, I was initially shocked by this revelation, but I then realised that it showed an interesting development in how women view phones not just as useful gadgets, but as a fundamental part of their life.

This ties in to what the Nokia team have been saying for a while now, that making mobile devices appeal to women is not just about making pink phones (as much as we love the pink N8). Women aren’t necessarily interested in the technical details of how their phone works – but they do want to know what it can do for them.

The advent of user-friendly, simple and stylish handsets such as the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 900 has really opened the mobile market to female buyers, who represent the world’s biggest economic opportunity. The success of the joint campaign launched between Nokia and Elle to find the next style correspondent bears testament to the fact that phones are set to become the must-have fashion accessory of the future.

As well as looking good in your hand and in your handbag, mobile phones are also fuelling social change in developing countries where women have traditionally been considered as second-class citizens. Having a device in your hand that immediately connects you to the outside world has opened up myriad opportunities to women around the world.

And that’s not the only amazing thing phones are doing. In India, a mobile app called Fight-Back is helping women stay safe at night by providing a satellite tracking service and a support network to help prevent attacks and assaults:

Women’s relationships with their phones are changing, and they look set to be stronger and more lasting than ever.

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