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March 15, 2012

Nokia X2-02 'takes music playback to a whole new level'

The guys at GSM Arena never disappoint us at Nokia Connects when it comes to the depth of their reviews, and their take on the X2-02 is no exception to this.

via GSM Arena

The review runs to six (count them) pages, and each one is well worth your time. I was expecting to be able to skim over at least one, but each held my attention and had great insight and opinion. From initial impressions to unboxings through the Dual-SIM capabilities and music playback (the loudspeaker rates as ‘Excellent’ – better than the C3 and C2-01) the review examines every aspect of the phone in great detail.

There are highlights:

  • ‘The Nokia X2-02 has some real nice treats for all of you who like surprises
    takes music playback to a whole new level’
  • ‘One excellent new feature is the autosuggestions as you type in the URL’
  • ‘impressive audio package’

…and we won’t hide from the aspects that didn’t quite make the grade, namely the 2MP camera. Everything else gets a glowing recommendation and there are plenty of photos and screenshots for you to look at that emphasise every point they make. Detailed, in-depth, we like.

Have you seen/listened to the Nokia X2-02? Do you agree with what the GSM guys say? Let us know by dropping us a comment or sharing your thoughts @Nokia_Connects.