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March 16, 2012

Nokia Belle – the browser and the Nokia 603

A couple of looks at Nokia Belle today on Nokia Connects – the first at the browser with symbianapps, the second at Belle on the Nokia 603 with Timo.

via Mobile Witch

In the video review of the Belle browser, symbianapps does mention that he prefers Opera mobile, but goes on to say that he ‘Strongly recommend[s] using Belle’ in general. Overall though, once he gets into the browser, he is impressed. It’s ‘fast and fluent’, can handle photo- and video-heavy pages easily, and received a benchmark score that was ‘pretty good…for a mobile phone’. Take a look for yourself and see what you think:

Timo has reviewed the Nokia 603, and among other things highlights the fact that the phone pulls off a lightweight construction ‘without feeling cheap’. He also mentions that the ‘loud speaker…really is LOUD’. As far as Nokia Belle goes ‘everything works smoothly and without lagging’. He enjoyed it a lot, and could potentially even see himself using it as his primary phone. High praise indeed.

via Symbian Suomi

How is Nokia Belle working for you? Which phone are you using it on? Let us know, and whether you agree with what’s been said above – leave us a comment or 140 characters @Nokia_Connects.