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March 18, 2012

The Big Debate: should you mix business with pleasure?

Here we are on Nokia Connects for another Sunday round of furious debate. This one is a corker as it looks into what we use our smartphones for both professionally and personally, and if we are willing to mix the two together!

In the smartphone world there are do everything very well phones and some that are set out to achieve certain tasks better than all others. Take the Nokia 808 PureView for example, clearly aiming to rule the roost in terms of photography and camera technology, which it does of course.

Then we have phones like the E6 and E7, both for the fast on-the-go business persons on this planet. However, all three of these phones can take photographs, play games and can be used for business. So…

Should you mix business with pleasure?

images via jazarah!

I guess we should start on the business side of things because most people these days have a personal mobile phone anyway. So if you get a work phone given to you by your employer, do you only use it for work-related activities or do you carry a second mobile for all of your personal and gaming needs? To me it seems quite complicated having to lug around more than one phone so I personally just have the one. However, I do lug around 2-3 at any given time due to the nature of being a part the Nokia Connects team.

Ideally though, I would just one that’s capable of everything I need it to do, which includes work-related things. How about if you were self-employed though, what would be the best approach here? It’s great to have a completely separate number and phone for all of your work-related things but usually your friends or family will end up phoning you at work regardless… that’s just personal experience though.

Also, is it bad practice mixing business with pleasure? Playing games in important meetings aside, is it wrong to take calls or receive txts on your work phone? I guess it depends on where you work but still it does raise an interesting point about how mobile has captured us with its power to connect people.

What do you think? Let us know if you think we should mix business with pleasure or not and how many phones you use, or if you just have one phone that you use for everything. Leave your comments below and reach out to us on Twitter #NokiaDebate.