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March 19, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #11 – photography edition

As it’s Photography Week here on Nokia Connects, I thought I’d give Make Me Smile Monday a twist today – photos that make me smile (some, all or none of them taken using Nokia phones).

via Scratch e-pad

Gregg has been busy snapping with his Nokia 603 in the dark, with what I’d describe as spectacular results. The contrasts of colour against the sheer black are really effective, and this is a series of photos I think should be expanded. Massively. Well done Gregg, you made me smile.


via Vuk Vulovic

via Vishwas Pawar

Those two photos above were both taken with the Nokia N8 and are both part of the #NokiaSwag contest. The thing that made me smile about these snaps was that I had them open in tabs next to each other and was flicking between them. It’s quite an interesting visual effect. Try it. Smile?


A couple of plant-based photos now. There’s something about snapping plants that can produce special results. Maybe it’s because they don’t run around like pets or kids, giving you time to frame, compose and press the button.

via Fakhr-E-Alam’s flickr stream and taken with an N82. Love the pattern this creates.

via James Burland’s flickr taken on an N8. Truly stunning.


Quick Grins (photos)

A stop motion movie (lots of photos strung together, so it counts) of how to make guacamole. With a twist. Of special note is the baseball onion.

Photos of the insides of instruments really doesn’t sound too great. Until you see them.

Indoor cloud photos. Yes. Real clouds. Indoors.

Sleeping in this massive nest would leave me a very rested bird. Not angry.


If these photos have made you smile, or if you want to share with us some of your own smile-inducing images, then let us know @Nokia_Connects!