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GLOBAL – The Nokia 808 PureView wouldn’t be a revolution in mobile imaging technology if the programing was beyond developers.

But it isn’t – the 41-megapixel sensor functionality is accessed by Qt apps. And the video shows how pleased National Geographic is about that.

Qt and the Qt Mobility APIs link developers to the Nokia 808 PureView’s rich imaging, video, and audio features.

The cross-platform app framework is part of the phone’s DNA. For example, the UI’s crucial camera and gallery apps were built from scratch using Qt.

And the Qt Mobility multimedia APIs will put you in control of audio, as well as camera capabilities.

As Qt-powered Nokia devices hit a new record level of 180 million – news of the Nokia 808 PureView at MWC 2012 was a massive bonus.

Nokia 808 PureView for Qt developers

But of course the advantage of Qt is that you can deploy across Windows, Mac, Linux/X11, embedded Linux, Symbian and MeeGo, without rewriting the source code.

Daniel Kihlberg, Global Director Qt Ecosystem, said: “In 2011, we experienced 2,1 million Qt downloads plus a multitude of online updates. When comparing this to the almost 1,6 million Qt downloads we had in 2010, you see a significant indicator for an increasing amount of Qt projects.

“So it is spring in Barcelona and for Qt, optimism is running high, and the opportunity for Qt developers continues to grow and flourish. For mobile developers, the amazing new opportunity that is coming in the form of the Nokia 808 PureView is just icing on the cake.”

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