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BARCELONA, Spain – Nokia let BMX  hero James Ivett loose with a Nokia Lumia 900 in Barcelona – and watching his video has led me into a whole new world of amazement.

First, it’s important to point out that James is very experienced and has been at the top of his game for around nine years, traveling all over the world. So I wouldn’t attempt any of this stuff without a lot of practice. In fact, we’d recommend you find your local equivalent of this training site.

From Basingstoke in the south of England, James runs his Vimeo Channel B’stoked at home, when he’s not jetting off all over the world. The clips are nice and short, just right for viewing on your phone.

You can follow him on your Nokia Lumia phone by installing the free Vimeo app from the Marketplace.

James runs the site with his equally-talented twin bro Tom. They ride together, create original BMX video content and champion local BMX talent in Basingstoke.

His first bike was a Mongoose Fuzz Utah and his hero growing up was Van Homan.

James loves jumping huge gaps, riding rails and doesn’t get too bogged down with the technical stuff, he just wants to ride and have fun for the rest of his life. Though one day he does want to qualify as a Civil Engineer.

The Lumia range of phones is clearly a great fit for someone like him who loves capturing the action of a ride and posting it to his favourite video site. And he’ll be first in the queue for a Nokia Lumia 900 when it is released.

And for anyone else who wants to be like him on their BMX bike, the Lumia is a great place to start. I mentioned him to a colleague while I was browsing for stuff on my Nokia Lumia 800 and he sent me this link to one of Danny MacAskill’s videos. He just happens to be sponsored by another of Nokia’s partners, Red Bull.

So one video from Nokia has kind of led me full cycle, into a whole new amazing world.