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March 20, 2012

Photography Innovator Of The Week: Naomi Goggin

As it’s #NCphotoweek here at Nokia Connects, I thought it might be nice to shine our Social innovator of the Week spotlight on an up-and-coming young photographer – and who better than the winner of the 2010 Times Young Photographer Competition, Naomi Goggin.

Naomi Goggin pictured with some of her work, via Facebook.

At the beginning of 2010, 24-year-old Naomi Goggin was working as a waitress in order to fund her passion for photography, and hoping and praying for her big break.

“Photojournalism was something I’ve always wanted to do, but I think it was more of a dream than something I would try and realise. I bought a digital camera at the beginning of this year and then I went travelling for three months, both to travel and to try to get to grips with the camera and improve my skills. I came back and got a waitressing job to try and fit freelance jobs around work and get into the field.”

Her luck changed when she decided to put some of her work forward for the Times and Canon Young Photographer Competition. As part of her entry, she had to find a news story in her local area, and decided to focus on the imminent resignation of David Milliband from frontbench politics. The images she took of Milliband and his wife after brazenly knocking at his front door went on to win her the prize.

via JenniesPalette

The Picture Editor of The Times, Paul Sanders – who co-chaired the judging panel – explained: “Naomi is quite a raw talent but her passion and determination to get something different was the deciding factor.”

Since winning the competition, Naomi has gone on to become a full-time professional photographer, with her work appearing in a variety of publications. She was also recently featured in F2 Freelancer magazine, and her award-winning images have gone on to make her an international name in freelance photography.

via Facebook

Naomi Goggin is the perfect example of how perseverance, drive and raw talent can combine to change someone’s life forever, inspiration for anyone who has a dream to become something. Do you know any inspirational young person you think we should be highlighting next? Get in touch @Nokia_Connects¬†using #NCphotoweek!