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the world chooses

GLOBAL – A world-wide survey by streaming video providers Vuclip has revealed some eye-opening statistics on phone preferences.

Two of the results were of especial interest to us here at Conversations.

First of all, when people were asked what mobile brand they wanted to buy next, the biggest vote by far was for Nokia.

According to the survey, a massive 36.9 per cent of people want a Nokia as their next phone. The closest competitor managed to gain just 24.8 per cent of the vote, and the closest after that 20.8 per cent.

We don’t have details of the methodology used, and different surveys all have their own slant. But nonetheless, it was a pleasant start to the day this morning.  😉

The second point of interest is in the differences between men and women when it comes to choosing a mobile phone.

For both sexes, the price, the features and the screen are the biggest deciding factors. However, the order in which those are ranked is apparently quite different for men and women.

For women, it seems, the top concern is the feature set, followed by the screen, with the price as the third consideration.

Men, on the other hand, say price is the most important factor, followed by the features. The screen was the third most popular answer.

More than half a million phone users in 188 countries took part in the survey. The full results are available here (PDF). Take a look and let us know what you think.

image credit: NASA