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March 22, 2012

Amazing photography with the Nokia 701 and Nokia 603

Last month on Nokia Connects we announced that the Nokia 603, Nokia 701 and Luna Headset were available for trial, with our Try Something New Widget. All you had to do was upload a picture of yourself with your current Nokia phone to the widget (image below) and state something new that you’ve tried.

Almost a whole month has passed and it’s time to share some of the great pictures taken from the #NokiaTSN competition participants, who were quick enough to upload their photos to the widget (it only took 3 hours to fill our 50 spots!). To win the competition you had to upload a picture – and the taker of best picture – would be awarded with a personal experience worth £1000!

There could only be one winner though, and we think you’ll agree that this picture from Micke is an absolute stunner. Taken from Klein Matterhorn, Micke takes the #NokiaTSN crown with this beautiful panoramic shot. (Click on the image to see it in its full glory).

Regarding the phone (Nokia 603), Micke had a few words to share with us…

‘I liked it very much, Nokia Belle is very easy and nice to use. I’ll do a blog post about the trial soon.’

Looking forward to his blog post!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to share some of the other great entries…

These illuminating rooftops reside in London and this picture was taken by Red Spook. Great work with the Nokia 603, I’m sure you all concur? Here are a few words from the photographer himself…

‘First mid-range Nokia I’ve tried in years, I really really liked it, only lacking a flash, no other real complaints.’

Tictal noticed that somebody is in love in this moving beach picture! Of the Nokia 603 itself, Tictal said he liked the device as it was small and comfortable.

‘I have to admit that this little Nokia 603 features really well in the hand!’

Here’s one of my personal favourites, a great snap of some deep blue waves on some harbour rocks from thewinchesterau, taken with the 603. He also took many many awesome pictures with the Nokia 603 which you’ll find in his Flickr album.

Thanks to everyone who took part, we love the fact you have shared your wonderful images! If you still have any lying around that you want to show us, or any cool images taken with Nokia phones for that matter, let us know on Twitter, we’d love to share them!