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March 22, 2012

Future Tech – Mind photos, the eyes have it

Photography Week at Nokia Connects rolls on like a massive roll of film in a giant camera (cameras with film – Old School) I thought it was only fitting to explore what’s next for taking snaps on your Nokia.

via JTProductions and taken using a Nokia Lumia 800

Inspired by a commercial I saw here in Canada last year, I started to think about how the Nokia in my pocket could get quicker, sharper, bigger, bolder when taking photos. The evolution of mobile photography may have been taken to the next step by the Nokia 808 PureView (indeed some commentators have said that this phone marks the death of the stand alone point and shoot), but fast forward 10 or 20 years. What’s going to be possible then? Let me tell you.

You have your Nokia in your pocket (or, if some concepts are to be carried to fruition, wrapped around your wrist or even tattooed onto your skin), you see something that is so transitory that grabbing your camera, framing and snapping is impossible (say, a hummingbird). What do you do? Blink.

Why not? Why not make your own eyelids the shutter? The technology cannot be far away. Clearly we can’t be taking photos every time we blink, otherwise we’d have anywhere between 17,000 and 36,000 photos a day to deal with). So I propose a secondary movement (like pressing your middle fingertip to the tip of your thumb) that in conjunction with a ‘hard blink’ will send the image from your brain to your phone. Clearly this will involve a link of some sort from your brain or optic nerve to your phone, but that technology can’t be far away.

How far off do you think this technology is? Is it something you’d embrace to get quicker, more vivid, maybe even 3D photos? Or am I way off the mark – let me know where you think mobile photography is headed by leaving me a comment, or dropping us a line @Nokia_Connects.