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LAAX, Switzerland – The fruits of Nokia’s partnership with Burton at the Open Snowboarding Championships continue to grow. In this video, the team wanted to showcase the imaging capabilities of the Nokia Lumia 800 during the recent European Open.

The film was created using the output from 18 phones, stitched together to create some very special effects.

We talked to the team behind the shoot, Tony Sajdak and Björn Kummeneje, to learn more about how it was made.

Amazingly, no special hardware was required, beyond a rig to put the phones in the right places. The synchronisation was all done through software:

Tony: “We developed a Windows Phone app that ran on all 18 phones. The purpose of the app was to record a short movie of a trampoline jump in a 180-degree bullet time shot.

“The challenge was to connect all 18 phones and record the video synchronized over local WiFi. After some tweaking, the solution worked really well. And the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Windows 7.5 Phone OS made the development process fast and painless.”


The team worked on creating the raw footage for the movie over three days, shooting more than a hundred movies. Each of these was automatically downloaded and moved to a rendering server after every shot.

Tony and Bjorn normally work with dedicated cameras and camcorders, but were surprised to discover that the phone was more than up to the task:

“We learned a lot about working with Nokia Lumia 800 and how to maximize the performance of the Windows 7.5 Phone OS. But the biggest learning was that it’s possible to do really advanced stuff with a Nokia Lumia 800; things it was not originally designed to do. And that opens up for many interesting ideas for new projects.”

Get back to the darkroom, guys. We want to see more of this stuff!