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March 26, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #12

Tom.H has allowed me to test drive MMSM for a week. Woop woop, because this is my favourite post on Nokia Connects! Don’t worry loyal fans, he will return for the next edition, but you will have to put up with me until his ceremonious return. I hope to make you smile on this glorious Monday/Montag/Lundi. How do you say Monday in your mother tongue?

via Buzz Feed 

Great Scott Marty! I love ‘Back to The Future’ and it’s great to see that the film still inspires so many people. I found this miniature flying DeLorean last week on Gizmodo, a genius example of a quadrotor flying RC vehicle! I expect to see one flying towards my head in the park very soon. Would you buy one if they were available to purchase in the shops?

via native118


This dude is one die-hard Michael Jordan fan, I imagine most of you would probably never do it but I’m interested to know whether you would a) get this done in the first place and more importantly b) who you would shave into your hair. I ultimately wouldn’t get it done but if I did I would probably go for Stephen Elop, only joking (sorry Stephen!), I’d get Marty McFly and Doc Brown from Back To The Future discussing the complexities of the Flux Capacitor.

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WARNING: this one is guaranteed to make you smile. It’s fair to say that celebrities get their fair share of abuse from ‘fans’ on Twitter, so what better way to celebrate 6 years of the T word? Get lots of cool celebrities, film stars and comedies together on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the USA to read out some of the abuse in public. Fantastic idea Jimmy, I doth my cap to you squire:

via JimmyKimmelLive 


Calling all Tron fans, but let’s be honest you don’t need to have seen Tron to smile at this beauty. One of the guys in the office found this the other day, I watched in ore and wished I had taken up LED clad street dance from a young age! I recommend turning off the lights to watch it (adds to the amazement).



Finally, imagine creating some of the highest grossing films of all time, then completing the deepest ever solo sub dive of all time! Your life would be pretty good right now. Titanic and Avatar film-maker  James Cameron is the man in question and he has just returned from the deepest ever solo sub dive. Fending off some pretty heavyweight competition from the likes of Richard Branson and Virgin.

P.S hope your eyes made it past the optical illusion at the top of the page! It’s not even a GIF…believe it baby.