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Mary McDowell

 GLOBAL – We told you there was something about Mary… Conversations kicked-off the New Year by profiling Nokia’s Executive Vice President in charge of Mobile Phones, Mary McDowell. And it seems we’re not alone in our appreciation.

VentureBeat has named her one of the ten Top Mobile Movers of 2012, alongside Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs and Google’s Andy Rubin. She’s facing some stiff competition – and she’s the only woman on the list – but you can vote to make sure she gets the top spot.

VentureBeat describes her as “shaking up the mobile industry” through business innovation that’s connecting the next billion people to the internet on Series 40 and Asha devices.   

“It’s not the more glamorous, smartphone side of the business, but it’s the one that affects the greatest number of people,” VentureBeat acknowledged – and went on to say:

“Asha phones are now driving millions of downloads per day from the Nokia store, indicating that people in the developing world are adopting the devices. And Nokia recently celebrated the sale of the 1.5 billionth S40 device, to a young woman in Brazil.”

We think she deserves to win, so get voting – if only to make her break out in that victory karaoke routine she was telling Conversations about.