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If you own a Nokia device, chances are you’ll have heard of the Nokia Support Discussions forum. And if you haven’t, you should check it out. Why? Because it’s visited by an incredible 20 million people every month and contains almost a million posts in over 150,000 topics written by almost 400,000 registered members. That’s a heck of a lot of fantastic advice. So much, in fact, that we asked the guys to start sharing it with us. After days of scouring the forum and quizzing their wisest power users, they came up trumps with these top ten gems on everything Nokia Lumia.

ONE: Pressing the volume key when the phone is ringing silences the call without rejecting it.

TWO: Holding the camera key will open the camera, even if the screen is locked.


THREE: When using the calculator app rotate the phone to landscape mode and you’ll get a scientific calculator.

FOUR: You can add additional keyboard layouts for different languages by going to Settings > Keyboard and afterwards you then see a language selection button next to the space bar whenever you are using the keypad.

FIVE: You can turn the autocorrection off by going to Settings > Keyboard, click “Typing settings”, then tap on “press to change” at the top of the screen. In the new window that opens, remove the tick from “Correct misspelt words”.

SIX: You don’t need an extra app to create a “to do” or “shopping” list. You can easily use the preinstalled Office app instead. Open Office, go to “notes” and then add a new note by pressing the + sign. Label them accordingly and pin them to your homescreen.

SEVEN: If you know a newer version of an app is available but it isn’t showing as an update yet, you can force the update (if it is available in your country). Find the app in the marketplace, press the share button then press the back key and the update button will appear.


EIGHT: If your battery starts draining faster than usual you may want to check the “find my phone” options in the settings menu. Ensure that the top option is not ticked as it draws considerably more power. The “find my phone” service will still work even if both boxes are unticked.

NINE: If you are having issues connecting to the internet using mobile data or problems with MMS installing (and running), Nokia’s network setup app from the marketplace (via the Nokia collection section) may help.

TEN: If your battery is empty and the phone doesn’t restart promptly, connecting it to your PC via USB sometimes wakes it up faster than using the normal charger.

We hope you found these as fantastically helpful as us. If there’s anything else you think warrants a mention, please dazzle us with your Nokia Lumia knowledge in the comments below or @Nokia_Connects