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March 29, 2012

April Krueger @ the 30th anniversary of the Burton US Open

A couple of weeks ago we sent a snowboard and photography mad member of the Nokia Connects community to the 30th anniversary of the Burton US Open in Stratton, Vermont. The cool dudette in question is April Krueger, I caught up with her to chat about the event and to find out what she loves doing in her spare time! Enjoy…

Before I start the interview you have to check out some of the amazing photos that April took (Part 1) at the event, it will help you put her huge passion for photography and snowboarding into context!

Hey April, can you start by telling us a little about yourself please?

I’m a 28 year old Boston based photographer who LOVES snowboarding and of course, taking photographs. I am concentrating right now on Wedding photography which is really so much fun. I love high energy situations with couples who are adventurous and in love. I eventually would like to get into photography for advertising since I just came from 6 years in the Online Ad space… but that will be down the road.

Each day is a little different for me, thank god! I wake up and run 3 miles or go to the gym, follow up on client emails, network (socially or in person), meet with clients, walk around Boston exploring new locations and taking pictures. I am also usually editing photos at the end of most days.

Can you tell us about the 30th Burton US Open on Stratton Mountain and what exactly you got up to?

The Burton US Open was an amazing experience for me. As an avid boarder and frequenter of the Northeast mountains, it was really special to be treated by Nokia as a VIP. I am often tweeting and blogging about my experiences on the mountain, talking about why I’m not your average wedding photographer and divulging other pieces of my personality, such as snowboarding/adventure. So for Nokia to pick me out of the giant “twitter pool” and treat me to something so special for me was really out of this world!

Although I didn’t actually get to meet Jake Burton in person, I snapped some great shots of him!

via aprilkphoto (head to this link to see Part 2 of her collection from the top)

What were your personal highlights and why?

I really enjoyed taking Nokia Lumia product shots in the glades. It gave me a reason to stop (which I love doing in the glades) and take it all in. The glades (aka the trees where you can ski) are so peaceful and quiet and it’s always a challenge getting my board through the trees!

I also REALLY enjoyed the condo that Nokia put me up in and not to mention the bag packed with really good swag AND A FREE PHONE!!!

How was the Lumia 800? Are there any particular functions on the phone you really liked?

The Lumia 800 is great, coming from an iphone it was hard to get used to but I finally got the hang of it. I love the camera and video options on the Lumia 800. Pictures are crisp and clear and it’s a one-touch function which really helps when I’m boarding.  Also, it’s very social media friendly and makes it easy to get facebook and twitter updates without logging onto each platform individually.

Did you manage to take any photos with the Lumia? Have you got couple you could share? 

Apart from the ones you have used already (unmarked with my trademark AprilK) then here are a few more. Not exactly taken by me though! 🙂

Check out April’s Vimeo page for some of her cool videos. Are you a keen snowboarder yourself or did you attend the Burton US Open? Let us know below or @Nokia_Connects