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March 29, 2012

Future Tech – The sound of music

Cast your mind forward a few years to a time when you are designing your own dream house of the future and money is no object (you’ve seen the shows on TV – the plans, the builders, the tears), and the one important feature that we all need but can be executed to perfection when we have control – the sound system.

via Gizmodo

Inspiration for this post has come from the image above, and the path to where I am now was rather convoluted. See, the picture is from an article about the future of musical instruments. ‘All well and good’, I hear you say, ‘but where are you going with this, TomH?’ Allow me to explain. At first I thought that the photo above was a new speaker (it’s not, it’s a drum machine, but what can you do?), and then I imagined if that piece of kit was built by wiring together a bunch of Nokia Play 360 speakers. Then you’d have 360° sound in a sphere which is 360°. Awesomeness. Mind you, they (and you’d have to have two) could look a little awkward parked on either side of your TV. So then my mind went on a little wander…

via SlashGear

You’re designing a house, see, where the walls haven’t been built yet, so there’s plenty of opportunity to hard wire technology into them. So you place several Nokia Play 360’s at strategic points in every room (would have to be designed by a sound engineer, which I am not) so you get perfect surround sound to fill your brain while you watch movies via your HDMI connection through your Nokia of the Future (or possibly projected wirelessly from your phone, depending on where the technology is headed, more of that next week). When you’re in the mood for music, simply say the title of the track or artist you’d like to hear and your Nokia Music account will not only play a tune, but instantly create a playlist based on that artist and stream it wherever you are in the house, based on the advanced NFC connection your phone has with the speakers wired into your walls. When you leave the kitchen, the music stops playing there, and seamlessly starts in the living room, or wherever you settle.

via ….us

If you head out of the door, as soon as you put your Luna headset (or future variant) in your ear, the system will recognise this, stop playing in the house and start playing through the headset (or Nokia Purity HD Headset – whichever is your outdoor music listening delivery system of choice).

Then your phone will lock your front door and set your house alarm, turn off the oven you left on and feed the cat, but that’s for a future post 🙂 So, what do you think? Can you see a time (maybe not too far in the future) where your Nokia hardware could be an essential and integral part of where you live? If you have any tweaks, improvements or embellishments on this, we’d love to here them so leave us a comment or if you can condense them, drop us a line @Nokia_Connects. It’s the future, remember, anything is possible…